2018 Wasatch Branch AAUW Annual Fund Raiser for AAUW Fund

Passport to Spanish Food, Wine, and Flamenco!

Date: Monday, October 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 to-9:00 PM
Place: Holladay United Church of Christ, MacMullin Hall 2631 E Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay, UT

Passport Fee: $55 per adult, with $20 of that amount benefiting the AAUW Fund. And you may choose to give an extra amount to the Fund if you wish. This event is for Adults Only, please.

(Link to the required passport here or below.)

This year Spain is the focus of our food and wine fund raiser. Sheral Schowe, owner of Wasatch Academy of Wine is once again our wine educator, bringing three varieties of Spanish wine for us to taste during our meal. Sheral very recently returned from Spain so she will add travel, history, and wine region information to her presentation. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

Spanish food will be catered by Café Madrid, which strives to provide a cultural Spanish experience for your senses at its Highland Drive restaurant location. We are looking forward to enjoying a meal that will include one of Spain’s signature dishes, Seafood Paella.

Flamenco music and dance will be provided by John Major, guitarist, and Solange Gomes, founder of Tablado Dance Co.

Just consider…where else could you taste and learn about Spanish wine, eat authentic Spanish food, and enjoy Flamenco music and dance, all in one evening, and for only $55.00!

To make your reservation, click here and print the passport.

Provide all the information on the passport and give or mail the passport with your check for $55.00 per person to our Finance Team – either Brenda Clausen or Teri Jewell. Write check to “AAUW Wasatch Branch” and if you use the mail, send to: TREASURER, 5286 Woodcrest Drive, SLC, UT 84117.

Information is also available on our branch Facebook page: AAUW of Utah, Wasatch Branch. Please share our event with family, friends, colleagues, network.

Please note the deadline for reservations is Wednesday, October 10. All reservations must be accompanied by names and contact information and be received by Oct. 10. This is a DABC rule.


Our Steam Panel L to R :  Angela Darrell, Education coordinator, Utah Museum of Natural History; Stacy Firth, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Associate Instructor, U. of U.; Kassandra Verbrugghen, MPA, Executive Director, Spyhop (youth digital media); Maggie Cummings, Ph.D., Dept. of Mathematics, U. of U.

Our AAUW of Utah 2016 Convention featured STEAM:  STEM + the Arts = STEAM

Our panel focused on the ways that STEM and the ARTS work together to educate and enrich the lives of Women and Girls. Story boards showed activities of AAUW of Utah and the branches illustrating the work being done.  We honored our branch Distinguished Women.   AAUW of Utah’s activities were documented in a power point presentation to the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference hosted in July in Albuquerque by AAUW of New Mexico.  There is a link to this presentation here—enjoy our year with us.  

Rocky Mountain Regional Conference
Women Count!

The Rocky Mountain Regional Conference (RMR) has been held on even years since 1970. The Rocky Mountain Region currently includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming,with the host state rotating. Utah has hosted four times, and will host again in 2018. This year New Mexico was the Host state. We met in Albuquerque, the state Capitol.

The women of AAUW of New Mexico were warm and welcoming hosts, to our Utah group of Claire Turner, Kathy Boyer ,Georgette Kapos, Gloria Prahl, Kathy Horvat, Jeanette Misaka, and Marilyn Shearer. (left to right in the picture)

The women of AAUW of New Mexico were warm and welcoming hosts, to our Utah group of Claire Turner, Kathy Boyer ,Georgette Kapos, Gloria Prahl, Kathy Horvat, Jeanette Misaka, and Marilyn Shearer. (left to right in the picture)

The Conference featured several outstanding speakers.


Karyl Lynne, NM, with Catherine Hill

Catherine Hill, the Keynote speaker, is Vice President for Research at AAUW. She authors AAUW’s research reports such as, Barriers and Bias (2016), Solving the Equation (2015), and Women in Community Colleges (2013). Her presentation on the newest report, Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership was stimulating, and engaging.

She asked that we take the Implicit Association Test if we had not already done so. This tests for bias that we may not realize that we have, and that can affect our judgment. The test was developed as a collaboration with AAUW, Project Implicit and Harvard University researchers. Catherine also led a workshop on how members/branches can act on AAUW research.
Photo shows Karyl Lyne, NM, and Catherine Hill, AAUW VP for Research

rocky-mountain-regional-conference-2Susan Burke, was the banquet speaker. She has led the charge as the lead counsel in a series of lawsuits seeking to reform the military’s deficiencies in prosecuting rape and sexual assault. She collaborated with filmmakers who produced “The Invisible War,” an Academy -award nominated documentary about the lack of justice for military rape victims. She specializes in bringing federal class action or mass tort lawsuits to reform broken systems of fix societal problems, and in 2015 the National Law Journal named her as one of the top 75 female attorneys in the nation.

Each State gave a report on the state activities for the year. Utah’s presentation featured STEAM as the theme: putting ART back into STEM = STEAM. This was the heart of the AAUW of Utah Convention in April. Claire Turner, president of AAUW of Utah prepared a Power Point highlighting Utah’s activities for the year and included short videos of AWE+SUM Camp (a STEM camp) and the recent Utah Women Artists Exhibition. Claire, Gloria Prahl, Kathy Horvat, and Marilyn Shearer shared the speaking assignments.

Kudos to AAUW of New Mexico for an interesting, well run conference with engaging speakers.
And now it is Utah’s turn in 2018!
By Marilyn Shearer

Power Point presentation for the Rocky Mtn Regional

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