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The Salt Lake Branch was founded in 1917 to serve college graduates in the Salt Lake area.

Branch History

Salt Lake City Branch Officers

President  Nancy Mitchell
President Elect Laurie Hofmann
Program VP Theresa Otteson
Public Policy Claire Turner
Membership Kathy Boyer
Newsletter Patricia Mathews
AAUW Funds Maxine Haggerty
Bylaws  Kathleen Boyer
Secretary  Jeanette Misaka
Carole Rusho
Finance Ann House


Would you would like to serve on as an officer on the Salt Lake City Branch board of directors?

Nominees for election to the board for 2018-2019 will be announced in March. There are other appointed positions in which you can serve your local AAUW. Feel free to contact any member of the current board for more information.

2016-2017 Program Schedule

Date Program Location Time
August 13, 2016 Annual Summer Social Home of Amanda Barusch 10:00- noon
September 10, 2016 Video:Half the Sky: Turning  Oppression into Opportunity
By: Maro Chermayeff
 Georgette Kapos’ Clubhouse 1134 E. 3300 S. SLC 10:00 – noon
October 15, 2016  Deborah Dully: Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault  Goodwill Building
U or U Campus
10:00 – noon
November 12, 2016 Utah Women and Mental Health  Goodwill Building  U of U Campus 10:00 – noon
December 10, 2016 Annual Red Candle Tea  Alumni House, Westminster College 2:00 – 4:00 pm
January 14, 2017 Legislative Forum Girl Scout Building 9:30 – noon
February 11, 2017 TBA  Jane’s Home
1229 E. South Temple
10:00 – noon
March 11, 2016 Distinguished Woman  Award Luncheon Cottonwood Club
1780 E Lakewood Dr Holladay, UT
11:30 – 2:00
April 4, 2017 Equal Pay Day  Gracie’s
326 S. W. Temple, SLC
April 15, 2017 Fund Raiser Town Club
1081 E S Temple, SLC
11:30-2:00 pm
May 14, 2017 Annual Meeting
Officer Installation
YWCA Family Center
322 E Broadway, SLC

For more information contact:

President- Nancy Mitchell

Vice President of Programs Theresa Otteson


Download our membership application here.

If you’re already a member of AAUW (annual dues $49) or a Student Affiliate (FREE!), you can add Utah State membership ($13) and Salt Lake City Branch membership ($13).
No commitment to join – just come meet some of our members and learn more about AAUW and our branch.

Branch Scholarship

Our scholarship will be given to a female adult student who lives in Salt Lake County, who has had an interruption in her formal education and has returned, or wishes to return, to college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree at one of three institutions: The University of Utah, Westminster College, or Salt Lake Community College. Only those with these qualifications should apply.

The scholarship for 2018 is in the amount of $1,000. The money is to be used for tuition only. Funds will be credited to the recipient’s college or university account.

Applicants must complete the application form and submit it by the deadline of March 1,2018, providing 1) a transcript of grades, 2) proof of financial need, 3) a statement of goals and how a degree would help to achieve these goals, and 4) three letters of reference, two of which come from a teacher, professor, or employer. Scholarship finalists will be asked to appear for a personal interview with the selection committee. A recipient of the scholarship may reapply with other applicants for renewal of the scholarship annually for a maximum of four years.

Download the scholarship application here.

paragraph_separatorInterest Groups

Newcomers always welcome

Partners Bridge: We are always looking for people, singles or couples, who would like to play “party bridge” once a month. Please contact Pete Schwager and let him know you are interested.

Book Club For time, place, and current book contact
Yvonne Merrill

Lunch Bunch: For information contact Claire Turner


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paragraph_separatorSalt Lake Branch AAUW Member Op Ed
published in the Salt Lake Tribune

Visit this link to view a letter to the editor written urging senatorial support for the Women’s Museum by Dawn Dewitt, the Public Policy Chair in our Salt Lake City Branch. The letter appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on September 12, 2014.

Maxine Haggerty, a member of the Salt Lake City Branch, had an editorial in the Sunday Salt Lake Tribune, October 13, 2013, on the importance of equal pay for women to everyone.


Haggerty: Support Paycheck Fairness Act for gender equity

By Maxine R. Haggerty

Published October 12, 2013 1:01 am

Members of The American Association of University Women in Utah appreciate the coverage that The Salt Lake Tribune continues to give the pay gap between women and men. For more than 130 years, AAUW has advocated for gender equity in education and the workplace and is well-known and widely trusted for research reports it sponsors on issues affecting women and girls.

One of its recent reports available to download at is “Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One year after College Graduation” (2012).

Most people are aware of the pay gap, but they may not realize that one year after a woman graduates from college she is financially behind — on national average paid 82 percent of what her male peer is paid (2009 data). U.S. women working full time earned $35,296 on average, while men working full time earned $42,918.

Utah working women overall are paid on average 70 percent of what male workers are paid. Women working full time earned $34,062 on average, while men working full time earned $48,540.

Using regression analysis and controlling the data for hours, occupation, college major, employment sector, and other cultural factors associated with pay, the Graduating to a Pay Gap report states that the pay gap shrinks but does not disappear.

“College-educated women working full time were paid an unexplained 7 percent less than their male peers were paid one year out of college.” Over a full-time working lifetime, college-educated women earn $500,000 less than their male peers.

Gender discrimination is often blamed, but the report fairly points out other possible causes for the pay gap. “Negotiating a salary can make a difference in earnings, and men are more likely than women to negotiate their salaries.” To help women overcome this reticence, AAUW has cooperated with the WAGE Project to bring “$tart $mart” workshops to college and university campuses to train women how to negotiate their salaries. Plans are underway to hold $tart $mart workshops at the University of Utah during the coming year. (Learn more about $tart $mart at or at

Through the years AAUW has been a leader among those who have lobbied Congress for laws to protect equal employment and pay for women and has been at the president’s side when legislation was signed. AAUW led the effort for passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which clarifies when pay discrimination on the job can be legally contested. Because many private employers retaliate against workers who compare wages and salaries, legislation to remedy this practice has been introduced into every Congress since 2005 without becoming law.

The current Paycheck Fairness Act bills (H.R. 377 and S. 84) introduced in January 2013 would amend the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by imposing stiffer penalties against employers who violate the 1963 law and by prohibiting retaliation against sharing salary information. AAUW members throughout the country currently are encouraging everyone to join them in lobbying their congressional delegations to bring these bills to the floor for favorable vote.

In Graduating to a Pay Gap, AAUW states that “Fifty years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it is surprising that women continue to be paid less than men are paid, even when they make the same choices.”

Equal pay for women matters to everyone. When a woman makes less, her family has less of everything (food, clothing, educational opportunities, health care), it takes her longer to pay off her student loans, and she earns less toward her Social Security and retirement. AAUW works everyday to make pay equity a reality.

Maxine R. Haggerty is the educational opportunities chair and a 40-year member of the Salt Lake City branch of AAUW, one of five AAUW branches in Utah.